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Regardless of where you are in life, you probably find yourself longing for more. More success. More happiness. More peace. More love. More abundance. More fulfillment.


Unfortunately, for most people, this longing goes unfulfilled.

They live their entire lives in a state of struggle and pain, reliving the same bad relationships over and over or staying stuck in an unhealthy one because they’ve abandoned the hope for something more.

They grind their lives away in unsatisfying jobs, failing to achieve the things they truly desire and squandering their massive potential.

They live under the heavy weight of financial pressure, watching opportunities for life-enriching experiences, investment, and philanthropy pass them by.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

I‘m Sadie Lee Rosethorn, founder of Level Up Coaching, and regardless of your current circumstances, I can help you take your results to the next level.

My passion for this work sprang out of absolute personal necessity, because…


My life used to be a total mess.

As a young adult, I wanted all the things that most people want for themselves: a successful career, financial security, and a happy loving marriage, but what I got was anything but that.

Instead, I was chronically attracted to people who were unkind and unavailable, repeatedly failing as an entrepreneur, and struggling just to keep food on the table.

I spent years trying desperately to create the life I desired. The worst part is…

The harder I worked at being successful, the worse my results seemed to get!

When I finally hit rock bottom, I had been abandoned by my romantic partner, lost everything in the real estate market crash, and to top it off, was being investigated by the FBI thanks to my former business partners’ shady dealings.

I thought, “How could so many bad things be happening to one person at the same time?”

I knew something needed to change. So, I committed myself wholeheartedly to figuring out why my life was constantly a mess and how to finally get the results I truly desired. I would do whatever it took.

I spent the next decade studying everything I could get my hands on about relationships, business, career, and financial abundance.

In time, I discovered powerful tools and techniques for turning around challenges in every area and created the amazing life I always longed for.

Today, I’m in a happy, committed relationship with a loving partner. I have an incredible career doing work that I love. And I’m consistently creating ever-higher levels of financial abundance. Not only is everything in my life going great, the best part is that it’s EASY!

Now, with the help of my amazing team, I’m using all I’ve learned to help others create the lives they’ve always wanted too!

Our coaching programs are designed to teach you the skills you need to reliably create the results you want. These are the same powerful techniques that I used to turn my life from disaster to success and have helped hundreds of clients just like you get the results they truly longed for.

Imagine what your life would be like if everything was going right…


Having harmonious relationships with the important people in your life.


Creating a lasting sense of happiness and inner-peace in your life


Waking up in the morning and feeling excited about the day ahead.


Having plenty of money left over at the end of the month to have and do whatever you want


Experiencing deeper feelings of love, intimacy, and connection with your romantic partner.

If you’re ready to experience more success and fulfillment, check out our Programs page or schedule a free Level-Up Session to discover the skills you need to take your life to the next level.

Sadie Lee Rosethorn

Master Coach & Chief Strategist

Sadie believes that any challenge can be overcome with enough focus, dedication, and a sincere willingness to learn. She is passionate about bringing out the best in people, consistently providing the right balance of challenge, support, and education that clients need to reach their goals. She has worked with hundreds of success-minded individuals, helping them accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives. Sadie holds degrees in psychology, business, and a Master’s in Organizational Development & Leadership. She is a certified executive coach who has been trained in multiple personal and professional development techniques.

Daniel Carvalho

Operations Manager & Associate Coach

Dan is passionate about empowering others to achieve massive results. After a successful 20- year career in software, he found himself longing for more and embarked on a radical journey of transformation. For the past six years, Dan has studied various methods of personal and professional development and has found a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in his life. He is continually learning and draws on his personal experience to help others achieve the success and fulfillment they desire. Dan holds an MBA and is certified as an Agile Scrum Master Coach as well as a Professional Life Coach.

Scarlett Stanhope

Marketing Director

Growing up in a personal growth household, Scarlett had listened to more lectures on success principles by the time she was 12 than most people do in a lifetime. As a young adult, she has leveraged that foundational knowledge to naturally and effortlessly create early success in her life. Scarlett is continuously working to deepen her understanding of spiritual and personal growth principles and is committed to sharing her insights to help others reach their full potential. In addition to her work with Level Up, Scarlett is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with concentrations in Accounting and Finance.

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