How to use affirmations to stay healthy during COVID-19

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I rarely pay attention to the news media.

But after hearing multiple announcements of travel cancellations, school closings, and store inventory issues second-hand, I got curious.  So, last night my family and I sat down to listen to a very informative podcast in which a renowned world-health expert shared “the facts” about Coronavirus.

It was awful. 

While I can’t tell you what this expert actually SAID, what I HEARD was… 

If you’re breathing, you’re at risk.”

“You won’t even know if you’re exposed to it.”

“All the hand-sanitizer in the world can’t save you.”

“This is about to explode to epic proportions.”

“When you get it, we won’t be able to help you.”

“It’s going to kill everyone.”

Within a matter of 15 minutes listening to this very informative podcast, I found my family and I huddled around the kitchen table contemplating our inevitable deaths. 

My husband went so far as to dig his old martial-arts sword out of the basement to protect us during the forthcoming apocalypse while my daughter and I panicked over our imaginary symptoms. 

No wonder I don’t watch the news! 

What are you focusing on? 

As with anything in life, we tend to create what we focus on, and this applies to our health as much as any other area.  Last night was a clear example of how focusing on what you don’t want can put you into a rapid downward spiral. 

One minute we were fine, the next we were taking each other’s temperature while my husband threatened to chop the mail-carrier’s arm off if they dared come within 20 feet of our house.

While you may not match our level of theatrics, if you’re paying any attention to what’s going on, I’m guessing you might be experiencing your own brand of fear and worry about the spreading virus.

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Can affirmations help?

The following is in no-way intended to be medical advice.  You should still follow CDC protocols and definitely consult a physician if you think you may have contracted the virus. 

But in the meantime, there is plenty of research demonstrating the effects of mindset on the immune system, and health outcomes in general, so why not infuse a little positive mindset into your existing efforts to stay healthy during the outbreak? 

At the very least, doing so will help alleviate the stress and worry you may be feeling, which in-turn, will reduce the overall level of panic in the world. 

With everything that’s going on, the last thing we need is people going around chopping mail-carrier’s arms off! 


The COVID-19 Affirmation Protocol

With a little effort I was able to shift my thinking from what I DON’T want (a slow, painful death during apocalyptic mayhem) to what I DO want (living a long healthy life in a peaceful world).  My imaginary symptoms vanished as quickly as they appeared, leaving me feeling healthy, strong, and vibrant, and restoring my sense of inner peace and calm.

The secret?  You guessed it… affirmations.

Read on to discover the powerful affirmations I used, and will continue to use, to refocus my mind, boost my immune system, and stay healthy during the outbreak.


The Foundation

Before we dive into specific words and phrases, I’d like to remind you that the number one secret to using affirmations effectively is linking them to evidence.  If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to check out my free PDF download Affirmations That Work to learn more. 

Another important thing to remember is that an affirmation’s success depends much more on how you feel than on the words you say.  Just like pasting a smiley-face sticker over your fuel gauge won’t prevent you from running out of gas, pasting some positive words over your feelings of fear and worry won’t help you stay healthy. 

Instead, it’s much more effective to look at the fuel gauge, acknowledge you’re running low, and stop at the gas station to fuel up.  The same is true when applying affirmations in this case.  You’ll want to start by acknowledging any fear or worry you’re currently experiencing and filling up your tank with some self-love before proceeding with your affirmation work.  Check out my recent blog post, How to Find True (Self) Love, to see how it’s done.


The Words

Now, let’s explore some specific affirmations to boost our immunity.  Please note that not all affirmations will work for all people.  You’ll need to find the ones that truly resonate with you so you can back them with the power of your emotions and belief.  

I suggest you start by trying all the phrases below as they are written.  Then narrow it down to the ones that feel true to you.  Finally, you can adapt or expand on what’s written to create customized affirmations.  Remember, how the phrases make you feel is key, so pay attention to emotional and bodily cues and follow your instincts.  


Start with some basics: 

I am healthy and strong.

My body knows exactly what to do to stay healthy and strong.

Every system and organ in my body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, without any conscious effort from me.

Every cell in my body is pulsating with health and vibrancy. 

Explore some alternate facts:

Every year I am exposed to an infinite number of viruses, and although I may get sick occasionally, most of the time I do not.

I have spent time with sick family, friends, and coworkers without catching their illnesses.

Even when I do get sick, my body always fights it off and I recover.

Every illness I’ve ever had, and every virus I’ve ever been exposed to, has served to strengthen my immune system.

My immune system is extremely strong and getting stronger every day.   

Turn the stats upside-down:

Compared to the number of people in the country or world, only a very small number are currently infected.

Even if the virus continues to spread at predicted rates, there will still be millions of people in my local area, and billions of people around the world, who never get sick from it.

Billions of people have survived outbreaks in both the distant and recent past.

There is no reason why I can’t be one of the billions of people who remain unaffected by this virus.

Share the love:

I am healthy and strong.

All the members of my immediate family are healthy and strong.

All the members of my extended family are healthy and strong.

All of my friends are healthy and strong.

All of my coworkers are healthy and strong.

All of my personal and professional acquaintances are healthy and strong.

Everyone at my child’s school and clubs are healthy and strong.

All of my neighbors are healthy and strong.

Everyone in my local community is healthy and strong.

Everyone in my city or town is healthy and strong.

Everyone in my state is healthy and strong.

Everyone in my region of the country is healthy and strong.

Everyone in the US is healthy and strong.

Everyone in Canada is healthy and strong.

Everyone in Mexico is healthy and strong.

Everyone in North America is healthy and strong.

Everyone in South America is healthy and strong.

Everyone in Africa is healthy and strong.

Everyone in Western Europe is healthy and strong.

Everyone in Eastern Europe is healthy and strong.

Everyone in the Middle East is healthy and strong.

Everyone in Asia is healthy and strong.

Everyone in Australia is healthy and strong.

Everyone on planet Earth is healthy and strong. 

Collectively, we will find a way to rise above this situation.  We always do.

I live in a world that is healthy and safe. 


But does it work?

If you took the time to feel into the affirmations above, you may find yourself feeling a little better already.  I know I do! 

If not, you may need to revisit the foundational steps above by linking the affirmations to evidence and soothing your fears with self-love. 

In addition to using these affirmations on a regular basis, you’ll also want to notice when you are focusing on what you don’t want throughout the day.  When you feel fear and worry creeping back in, repeat the steps above.  Practice makes perfect.

And remember, every time you raise your vibration even a hair, you are protecting yourself and the planet from the spread of Coronavirus.

In honor of my health and yours, thank you for doing your part!


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