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what will save us?

What will save us?

The survivors of our world are those who endure.

Those who have the painful opportunity to live a hard situation and to continue on; accepting the pain for what it is, feeling it completely, and moving forward with life.

Those of us who allow ourselves to feel fully and completely, breathing into the present moment in order to fully endure everything it has in store for us.

Those of us who do not link past to present, or present to future, or future to past.

Those who can feel the worlds largeness as it was felt when we were small; and recognize its beauty as a reflection of ourselves. Something to fit perfectly into.

Those of us who are not afraid to go unedited, because there is nothing in this world to edit. And the more we edit, the more we mess with the math equation that we call life.

Those who accept both sides of the coin. Not only the ones who fight for what they truly want, but also the ones who accept the journey that the cannot change.

Those who let go of what they want in order to finally find what they truly desire; what they’ve always needed, and who they truly are.

Those who know how to breathe. And watch in perfect amazement at what the world can do without the input of your unconsciously, conscious mind. Just as your body breathes in perfect time with the growing of the grass.

Those who seek answers but do not look any further than the tip of the mind.

Those who listen to what life is telling them and trusting themselves enough to continue on the path laid right in front of them.

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