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Like many people, Principal, Sadie Lee Rosethorn, grew up under challenging circumstances.  Rather than  having healthy and successful role models to emulate, financial instability, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence were the norm.  Despite her best efforts to rise above the dysfunction, ingrained patterns of trauma and abuse continued to wreak their havoc throughout her early adulthood.  Contrary to conventional-wisdom, tremendous amounts of hard work, commitment, and persistence did not in-themselves improve things.  In fact, it seemed that the harder she tried to be successful, the worse her life circumstances became.

A series of increasingly disastrous events in her career and personal life sent Sadie looking for answers.  It was out of absolute personal necessity that she embarked on a deep, decade-long journey of personal growth and discovery, passionately seeking the secrets to how we each unconsciously create the results in our lives.  Thankfully, this time Sadie’s hard work and persistence paid off.  In time, she was able to transform every major area of her life and she now enjoys the healthy relationships, happiness, and success she always longed for.  


Along the way, Sadie heard the call to help others as well.  She went back to school and studied psychology with the intention of becoming a therapist, but soon realized that she was equally passionate about business.  Given how much of our time is spent at work (and how much personal time people spend complaining about it), Sadie decided that she could best serve the world as a coach, trainer, and consultant in the field of organizational development. 

Although she’s come far, Sadie hasn’t forgotten her roots.   She uses her practical knowledge and first-hand experience to help leaders and teams solve challenging problems, overcome obstacles, and master their results.  Sadie has built a reputation as a trusted partner and guide, who helps her clients achieve higher levels of success.  She knows what it takes to create next-level results, because she’s been there and done it herself!

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