Extremely Impressed

I was and continue to be extremely impressed with how Sadie is able to understand a person with depth and in a very short time. This makes the coaching outcomes very potent. With a warm personality, she made me feel at ease to express my issues. She also speaks from her heart while keeping things real. I can truly say I have benefitted by having been guided by Sadie. She is a coach you can go to in those times when you need direction and clarity.

Lisa M.


Simple But Powerful Techniques

Sadie gently guides me to self-reflection. Self-reflection that helps me find the answers I am seeking within myself. When I get stuck she reaches into her tool box and finds the instrument that will open my eyes to whatever lesson I am meant to learn. She reminds me to stay vigilant in my focus on what I want. Her techniques are simple but powerful. Sadie has helped me find harmony.

Jill S.


Recognized the Real Heart of My Problems

Working with Dan I learned to recognize the real heart of my problems with my love life. He was always patient and led me into the correct direction of thinking and navigating my way to answers. Dan helped me stay focused and figure out where my feelings were being derived from. Even times that I don’t have him to sort things out with, I am directed by the steps that he taught me.

Lynn L.


Non-Judgmental, Practical Advice

Through my sessions with Dan we worked through issues related to my personal life. Dan had targeted questions and steps we went through together to help flesh out the bigger picture. Each session built on the next as Dan gave insight as well as direct actionable steps I needed to take. By following through with his non-judgmental, practical advice, I was able to work through these issues that were holding me back.

Ned C.


A Foundation For Me to Move Forward

The kindness, energy, and compassion that Sadie has given in our struggle with our daughter has been extraordinary. Our belief and understanding that have evolved from the insight of her coaching have been fundamental in our response to the issue at hand. I have tempered my angst because of the guidance she has provided, and our sessions have laid a foundation for me to move forward.

Mark S.


Creating a New Me

Sadie is very professional yet at the same time human and friendly, all of which are important things for me. I feel safe to stretch myself in ways I never have before and I’m moving forward with greater awareness and consciousness. I feel that I’m changing habits and patterns on a deep level and am establishing more positive, constructive habits and beliefs. I feel like I’m creating a new me, and it’s a me I want to be!”

Maria S.


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